Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Alex Soldier Family

As the last leaves fall and cover the earth with its colorful blanket, the time comes for the sacred pilgrimage to reconnect with our loved ones in all the distant corners of our vast country. Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings families together to celebrate life and each other. As we gather around the table with our family, we gather our love for one another and embrace our differences that form a unique palette of our personalities. While we share that special meal, we become tightly intertwined as a nation and community to feel deeper connection with our humanity, sown together with invisible threads of our own will—will to persevere in the face of change, will to create in the face of destruction, will to be brave in the face of fear, will to love in the face of hate. Our country is our family that is beautifully diverse and unique, just like all of its inhabitants. We’re truly thankful for having all of you in our life and for an opportunity to pass our love and blessings to you.

From our Family to Yours: Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Maria Soldier.

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Beautiful family.

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Love this photo!

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Love this happy and beautiful family!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite designer & your family!

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You guys rock! Happy Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to a beautiful family!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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