Special Message from Alex Soldier Family

Special Message from Alex Soldier Family

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Dear Alex Soldier Friends & Family, 

Our hearts go out to everyone around the world that has been affected by the coronavirus. As a family, we can't stress enough the importance of community and supporting each other during these times of uncertainty. We urge you to stay positive in the face of all the negative forces and strive to find constructive solutions to the daily challenges that may arise as a result of social distancing and self isolation. Let love and compassion in your heart to triumph over fear, anger and hatred. Together we will win and persevere.

As of now, we remain open for business virtually and personally, while strictly adhering to all of the CDC guidelines for protection and prevention.

As always, we're here for you.

-With love, blessings and gratitude, Alex Soldier Family ❤️

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We will persevere!

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