Citrine Sapphire Gold Swan Pendant

Citrine Sapphire Gold Swan Pendant

Sapphire : 32 stone(s); weight 0.36 ct
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Honey Swan pendant: the gracefulness and poise of the swan has inspired Alex Soldier to create the Swan collection. It is dedicated to every woman who is in love. The form of the center stone resembles a swan’s head, and the elongated pink sapphire bar is curved into the shape of its neck. The pendant offers versatile wear as it can be worn on a strand of beads or on a chain. Handmade in New York City. Limited edition. Pendant length: 65 mm.

Yellow citrine: 1 stone, total carat weight: 29 ct. Pink sapphires: 32 stones, total carat weight: 0.36 ct. Please note that carat weights may slightly vary as each Alex Soldier creation is handmade.

Metal type: 18 karat yellow gold