Garnet Spinel White Gold Twist Earrings

Garnet Spinel White Gold Twist Earrings

Spinel: 64 stones; weight 0.83 ct
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The wave, as it twists and swirls in a mesmerizing vortex, sweeps up a treasure from the depths of the ocean – a beautiful garnet, as hypnotic and captivating as its maker. Alex Soldier’s Twist collection displays a riveting interplay of contrast surfaces with finest gemstones. A composition of these dynamic elements creates an illusion of a growing wave that unveils its hidden beauty in a form of a dramatic garnet. Just like our lives are formed by a vortex of opposing forces that twist together to form a unique perspective, Alex Soldier’s Twist collection pays homage to the essential life force that is formed as a result of our daily interaction with nature and its surroundings. Earring dimensions: 25 mm L; 10.3 mm W. Handmade in NYC. One of a kind. 

Garnet: 2 stones, total carat weight: 6 ct. Black spinel: 64 stones, total carat weight: 0.83 ct. Please note that carat weights may slightly vary as each Alex Soldier creation is handmade.

Metal type: 18 karat white gold.