Alex Soldier @ New York Fashion Week Conclusion

Alex Soldier @ New York Fashion Week Conclusion

New York, NY—Fashion Week in New York is always an exciting time to see and be seen out and about the city of big dreams and bright lights. As it continues to fascinate the minds and hearts of fashionistas around the world, we turn our attention to a very special collaboration that showcased Alex Soldier's magnificent jewels on a runway show by a talented fashion designer and fine artist, Katya Leonovich. 

Alex Soldier @ New York Fashion Week Conclusion

The spectacular fashion show took place in Lincoln Center, the epicenter of Fashion Week's prime location. It's important to note that any high-profile show of such magnitude may take months to prepare for. Even though the show itself usually lasts no more than 10 minutes, there's an entire team of stylists, models, hair and make up artists, as well as myriad of assistants that work tirelessly around the clock to make the magic happen.    

The final outcome turned out to be a work of art, filled with a versatile mix of textures and colors, as spectacular as fireworks. Alex Soldier's jewels sparkled with that special allure of a modern-day world traveler, inviting its muse on a new adventure into the realm of beauty and art. Written by Maria Soldier.


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    Very exciting!

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    Great work!!!

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    So cool!! Congratulations!!

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