Peridot Jewelry – Alex Soldier
Peridot Jewelry

Gold Royal Earrings With Green Amethyst & Peridot
The Royal Collection is inspired by an intricate mosaic of royal palaces around the world. From exotic Marrakesh and colorful...
Gold Blossom Ring With Quartz, Peridot & Sapphire
A colorful collection of rare and stunning gemstones form together a spectacular Blossom that comes alive with a touch of...
Gold Symbolica Ring With Amethyst & Peridots
Inspired by the grandeur of antiquity, the Symbolica collection is enriched with meaning. The hand-carved gallery that reveals itself through...
Gold Flower Of Life Brooch, Pendant, Necklace
Alex Soldier's Flower of Life: Inspired by ancient teachings about the purpose and effect of the chakras on the human...
Gold Fine Lace Pendant With Chrome Diopside & Peridots
Elaborate fabric is one of the main sources of inspiration for Alex Soldier. Lace is a noble material that delights...