Alex Soldier Designs Award For Tim Daly

Hosted by Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress Bebe Neuwirth, the Princess Grace Awards Gala honored actor, director, producer, and philanthropist Tim Daly with the distinguished Prince Rainier III Award designed and created by Alex Soldier in New York City.

Art is Love ❤️

In celebration of love this Valentine's Day and February's birthstone, enjoy a curated selection of the most enchanting art jewels in the world.

Autumn Vibrance 🍂

Indulge yourself with Alex Soldier's colorful palette of wearable art jewels for this season's spectacular gemstones.

Celebrating Women

Alex Soldier created a conceptual work of art to celebrate women in all of their incredibly versatile nature, character and beauty.

All You Need Is Love

In celebration of love this Valentine's Day, our team has affectionately compiled a curated selection of the most beautiful jewels in the world ❤️

Dressing Up for the 2019 Met Gala

In celebration of the Met Gala's cornucopious synthesis of art and fashion, our editorial team lovingly hand-picked a few favorites from Alex Soldier's wearable art masterworks. 

Alex Soldier's Dreamy Jewels For August

New York, NY—In the midst of long summer days, filled with magic and a dash of heat, a refreshing hue of green emerges in a form of a beautiful peridot, as enchanting as A Midsummer Night's Dream

Alex Soldier's Brilliant Jewels For April

New York, NY—Now that the winter's powerful grip is finally melting away with the last snowflake of yesterday's storm, we're ready to spring forward and shine brighter than ever with April's spectacular birthstone—Diamond.

Alex Soldier's Heavenly Jewels For March

New York, NY— Turning jewelry into art is a salient characteristic of Alex Soldier's work. Whether in explosive, colorful abstractions or representational works that capture the perfect delicacy of a single gesture, his creations express profound vibrancy, clarity and meaning. One of his latest masterworks arrived just in time for the March birthstone—heavenly Aquamarine. 

Alex Soldier Exhibition Is Coming To New Orleans!

Alex Soldier—internationally acclaimed jewelry artist, sculptor and creator of Princess Grace Foundation's Prince Rainier III Award statue, invites you to visit his special jewelry exhibit at NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans, during the Monaco week-long festival (February 19-25). 

A Perfect Valentine Engagement

New York, NY—Valentine's Day is approaching faster than ever and since it's the most popular day to pop that special question that starts with an "M" and lasts for the rest of the life, we thought to make your life easier and present a few timeless engagement ring options that are as spectacular as your soulmate.

Alex Soldier's Spectacular Jewels For January

As we welcome the New Year 2018, its spectacular reign begins with January's majestic birthstoneGarnet. Set in Alex Soldier's signature Twist collection, the garnet takes center stage, complimented with black diamonds and spinel.


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