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Alex Soldier earrings shine in company of Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Beverly Hills, CA—Our extraordinary friend, client, and incredibly talented fashion designer, Regina Oswald, graced the star-studded Living Legends of Aviation awards ceremony in the company of notable figures such as Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, and William Shatner. Regina, a vision of beauty, commanded the red carpet with elegance, adorned in Alex Soldier's White Swan earrings and a gown of her own design. The Living Legends of Aviation Awards, organized by the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing children's interest in aviation through education, stand as a prestigious acknowledgment in the industry. These awards honor individuals who have made substantial contributions to aviation and aerospace, encompassing accomplished aviators, astronauts, and industry visionaries. The combination of Regina's impeccable style and the exquisite craftsmanship of Alex Soldier jewelry made for a captivating presence alongside the celebrated guests at the awards ceremony. Each exquisite jewelry piece from Alex Soldier's remarkable collection is handcrafted with love, meticulous detail, and unwavering passion in the heart of New York City, using responsibly sourced materials.

Alex Soldier White Swan Earrings

Fashion luminary Regina Oswald radiated elegance in Alex Soldier's White Swan earrings as she graced a star-studded awards ceremony, sharing the spotlight with distinguished personalities, including Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The event showcased Regina's impeccable style, emphasizing her choice of Alex Soldier's creations. The designer's unique touch, combined with Regina's innate glamour, added a touch of sophistication to the occasion, creating a memorable presence alongside esteemed guests.

Regina Oswald and John Travolta

Regina Oswald, the accomplished fashion designer, illuminated the star-studded awards ceremony in Alex Soldier's White Swan earrings while sharing the glamorous spotlight with none other than John Travolta. Regina's presence exuded sophistication, and her choice of Alex Soldier's designs added a touch of elegance to the event.

Regina Oswald meets Prince Harry

Fashion luminary Regina Oswald radiated elegance in Alex Soldier's White Swan earrings as she graced a star-studded awards ceremony, sharing the spotlight with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The event not only highlighted Regina's flawless sense of style but also underscored her preference for Alex Soldier's distinctive creations. The designer's singular aesthetic, coupled with Regina's natural glamour, contributed to an air of sophistication at the gathering, leaving a lasting impression in the company of esteemed guests.

Regina Oswald and Morgan FreemanFashion maestro Regina Oswald illuminated the star-studded awards ceremony, donned in the exquisite Alex Soldier's White Swan earrings, where she shared the spotlight with the iconic Morgan Freeman. Regina's radiant presence, coupled with the unique allure of Alex Soldier's designs, added a touch of glamour and sophistication to the event. The collaboration between Oswald's discerning fashion sense and Soldier's artistic craftsmanship created a memorable and elegant atmosphere at the awards ceremony, making Regina Oswald a standout alongside the esteemed Morgan Freeman.

Regina Oswald and William Shatner

Fashion visionary Regina Oswald stole the spotlight at a star-studded awards ceremony, adorned with the brilliance of Alex Soldier White Swan earrings, in the esteemed company of William Shatner. Regina's striking presence, complemented by the exquisite touch of Alex Soldier's creations, added a dimension of glamour and style to the event. The pairing of Oswald's discerning fashion sensibility with Soldier's artistic finesse created an unforgettable ambiance at the awards ceremony, showcasing Regina Oswald as a standout personality alongside the iconic William Shatner.

Alex Soldier White Swan Earrings


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