The Power of Gold

Alex Soldier's Bold Gold

New York, NYThe sun's rays embark on an eternal journey to reflect its glory in a single sparkle of gold. Since ancient times, gold symbolizes the sun and its omnipotent power to invigorate and inspire. As the sun gives life, a reflection of its glorious light is fragmented in gold to empower its wearer. It is also believed that gold serves as a powerful amulet that protects from negative energies. Inspired by eternal and mysterious allure of this noble metal, Alex Soldier created an Eternal Gold collection of one of a kind jewelry masterworks that feature his signature metalwork techniques. Imbued with meaning and mastery, every texture presents an individual story that he draws on the metal in multiple layers, each as unique as its wearer. Each bejeweled masterpiece from Alex Soldier's jewelry collection is handcrafted with profound love, meticulous detail and endless passion in the heart of New York City from responsibly sourced materials.


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