Alex Soldier's Heavenly Jewels For March

Alex Soldier Aquamarine Cocktail Ring: made in 18 karat white gold with aquamarine, blue topaz and signature metalwork. Handmade in NYC. One of a kind. $4,900. Available for instant gratification at: 

New York, NY— Turning jewelry into art is a salient characteristic of Alex Soldier's work. Whether in explosive, colorful abstractions or representational works that capture the perfect delicacy of a single gesture, his creations express profound vibrancy, clarity and meaning. One of his latest masterworks arrived just in time for the March birthstone—heavenly Aquamarine. Named as gem of the sea, this divine stone has a dreamy appeal that makes us want to set sail into the blue horizon, where the sky and the sea blend together to form one limitless journey. Set in Alex Soldier's festive Cocktail collection, the aquamarine takes center stage, complimented with blue topaz surrounding the center stone. Each ring from Alex Soldier's Cocktail collection has a unique structure that allows it to stack, mix and match with another, creating vibrant color combinations and enhancing each other’s dramatic elements. Finished to perfection with Alex Soldier’s signature metalwork. One of a kind. Handmade in NYC. 

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Created on Posted by Athena Comment Link

Very gorgeous and glamorous!

Created on Posted by Devin Comment Link

Love the blue topaz in this ring. An absolute must have.

Created on Posted by Olga Comment Link

This is one of my favorite rings! Beautiful.

Created on Posted by Vicky Comment Link

I absolutely love this ring! The colors are beautiful

Created on Posted by Taylor Comment Link

So pretty! LOVE all of the texture!

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