Royal After Party @ Monte-Carlo Casino

Royal After Party @ Monte-Carlo Casino

Monte-Carlo, Monaco—On our way to the After Party together with the lovely Bo Derek and her partner John Corbett, we fancied ourselves with a lively discussion about Absentia that was presented at the opening ceremony of the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival earlier that evening. Soon enough our attention was taken over by John Corbett's amusing stories that he always seems to have up his sleeve, making you feel like time is just another four letter word.:) Thanks to John's endless entertainment, we barely felt the traffic and since we were riding right behind HSH Prince Albert II squadron, we made it right on time for the grand entrance, following in the footsteps of His Serene Highness. 

Royal After Party @ Monte-Carlo Casino

Maria Soldier & Bo Derek enjoying the After Party at the Monte Carlo Casino in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (pictured in the background). Photo by Claudia G. Albuquerque. Jewelry: Alex Soldier

Shortly after exchanging pleasantries with His Serene Highness, we turned our attention to the Grand Ballroom that was vibrating with excitement. Beautiful people from all over the world were casually strolling around dressed in gorgeous couture dresses and elegant suites, worn with style and grace, as it is usually customary in Monaco. In the middle of it all stood a Dom Perignon champagne tower fountain, inviting its guests to splurge and immerse in the spectacular moment of here and now. A famous band played a mixture of retro and modern tunes and soon enough it was hard to tell whether it was champagne, music or both that made our heads spin with celebratory rhythm of life. Suddenly, it felt like we were in our own version of Fellini's La Dolce Vita, minus the existential crisis. Everyone came together to celebrate life, art and beauty. As if to highlight that feeling of unbearable lightness of being, the fireworks began, ushering everyone to the balcony in order to witness the magic of Monte-Calo in its full spectrum of colors. Indeed life can be just like a firework, if you really wish and work for it long enough. To be continued....     Written by Maria Soldier.

Royal After Party @ Monte-Carlo Casino


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