Opening Ceremony @ Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Opening Ceremony @ Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Monte-Carlo, Monaco—It was probably the hottest day so far (literally and figuratively speaking). At 6 o'clock in the evening, or on the 18th hour (18:00) in European time, we arrived to the red carpet that was already hustling and bustling with fans and paparazzi. Passing through all the madness of brilliantly blinding camera flashes, we ascended the grand terrace of the Grimaldi Forum for a private cocktail reception that took place before the festival's official opening ceremony. As we walked onto the terrace, it became instantly apparent that the air was at a standstill, not only because of high concentration of talent, but also due to the fact that the sun's intense brutality was still reigning over the fleeting day. Written by Maria Soldier.

Opening Ceremony @ Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Maria Soldier shines at the opening ceremony of Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Jewelry by Alex Soldier.

Despite being stranded in the midst of the heatwave, with any hope of fresh breeze melting away as quickly as ice in our glasses, it was still exceptionally gratifying to be in the center of the sun, even if you do get burned just a little. As the cocktail hour progressed and the terrace quickly filled with beautiful people from around the world, everyone tried to play it cool and pretend not to notice each other's somewhat sticky foreheads when making introductions. But hey, it's Monaco, baby! Gotta make sacrifices for the sake of fame and beauty. :) 

Opening Ceremony @ Monte-Carlo Television Festival

From left to right: John McCain, Judith Laurence, Maria Soldier, John Lehman @ The 57th Monte-Carlo Television Awards. Jewelry by Alex Soldier.

Once all the appropriate introductions were made, we finally succumbed to the fact that it was time to leave the spotlight and find a refuge in a cooler environment. And so we promptly moved to an air-conditioned hall, where we stumbled upon our old acquaintance John Lehman, casually strolling around in the company of John McCain. After a quick catch up on work & family, we eventually proceeded to our seats for an official part of the opening ceremony of the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Opening Ceremony @ Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Inside the Grimaldi Forum Theater: Actors, Directors, Producers and VIP guests find their seats before the opening ceremony begins.

Once inside the theater and shortly after all the smiles, introductions and star-gazing around the room, the Ceremony was finally on its way. Presided over by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the star-studded event of the season sparkled with moments of good humor and powerful presentations. One of the ceremony's most notable highlights was a world-premiere of new television suspense drama- Absentia- that left its high-profile audience on the edge of their seats and craving for more. But alas, we had an equally-exciting after-party to attend at the Monte-Carlo Casino... to which we will dedicate our next story. That's all for now, folks, but please keep in mind that this is only the beginning. Much, much more to come! xx.  


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