Dressing Up for the 2019 Met Gala

Alex Soldier Sapphire Starfish

New York, NY—As we turn the new calendar page and welcome May into our lives with its fresh color palette of spring's vibrance, we find ourselves in search of new wardrobe inspirations. And what can be a better source of style and creativity than an upcoming Met Gala? Spearheaded by the legendary Anna Wintour and dubbed as "fashion's biggest night out" or the "Super Bowl of fashion" (as eloquently described by the extravagant André Leon Talley), this year's subject highlights exaggerated fashion and its influence on high art and popular culture. The theme of the Met's 2019 Costume Exhibition is “Camp: Notes on Fashion” (which has nothing to do with camping in the woods, by the way), inspired by Susan Sontag's 1964 insightful essay about modern society's affinity for the unnatural.

Alex Soldier Tsavorite Fine Lace Necklace

Alex Soldier Fine Lace Necklace: Elaborate fabric is one of the main sources of inspiration to Alex Soldier. Lace is a noble material that delights the senses. The Master implements his exquisite texturing techniques to achieve an infinitely intricate lace effect using 18 karat yellow gold interwoven with finest chrome diopside, peridots, and diamonds. Handcrafted with ❤️ in NYC from responsibly sourced materials. One of a kind. Shop the collection HERE

Andrew Bolton, Head Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, "has traced the word itself back to the French verb se camper, meaning to strike an exaggerated pose, and its origins in the flamboyant posturing of the French court under Louis XIV.Hamish Bowles, International Editor at Large of American Vogue makes another reference to Oscar Wilde and his famous epigram—“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”—as the very essence of camp. Taking into account all of the above notes, it is most certain that this year's Met Gala promises to be a spectator's paradise, filled with truly outrageous and over-the-top red carpet costumes, as Lady Gaga and Rihanna prepare to outshine themselves yet again. 

Alex Soldier Royal Earrings

Alex Soldier Royal Earrings: made in 18 karat gold with lemon citrine, amethysts,  garnets & signature metalwork. One of a kind. Handcrafted with ❤️ in NYC from responsibly sourced materials. Available for instant gratification at: www.alexsoldier.com 

In celebration of the Met Gala's cornucopious synthesis of art and fashion, our editorial team lovingly hand-picked a few favorites to resonate with those of us longing for authenticity and meaning among artifice and fake news. Thus, we dare to offer a slightly alternative version to Oscar Wilde's aforementioned epigram and suggest that it is best to be a work of art AND to wear a work of art. For to be unapologetically authentic in the face of mediocrity is what true art is all about. Turning jewelry into art is a salient characteristic of Alex Soldier’s work. Whether in explosive, colorful abstractions or representational works that capture the perfect delicacy of a single gesture, his creations express profound vibrancy, clarity and meaning. Alex Soldier designs with a passion for distinction, using innovative techniques for decorating metal surfaces to achieve an effect of original texture and detail that surpasses the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship. The beauty of Alex Soldier jewelry lies in the way it blurs the line between fine ornament and miniature sculpture. His work is a precious poetry that speaks to the heart. All of Alex Soldier's extraordinary jewels are handcrafted with great love and intricate detail in his Times Square gallery in NYC from responsibly sourced materials. 💎 Written & styled by Maria Soldier. 

Alex Soldier Flower of Life

Alex Soldier Flower of Life: Inspired by ancient teachings about purpose and effect of the chakras on human life, Alex Soldier created a one of a kind jewelry masterpiece containing symbols of this knowledge of healthy, happy and meaningful living. The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ and is described as a spinning wheel of light. A chakra is like a whirling powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies we have seven of these major energy centers which are represented by seven color stones that match to each chakra energy color. At the center of the composition is the Flower of Life with natural colored stones, each of which resonates with a specific chakra and thus balances the body's energy flow. The Flower of Life is considered to be sacred geometry that contains ancient spiritual value and depicts the fundamental forms of space and time. It brings clarity and deeper insight into the very fabric of life. Alex Soldier’s Flower of Life is made of 18 karat gold—a symbol of the sun known to charge us with its energy and vitality. The flower features 34 separate components that form together a remarkable composition. Thanks to Soldier's jewelry-making magic, the piece can be worn as a brooch or a necklace. This genius interchangeable technique is Alex Soldier's signature proprietary invention that makes transformation from one piece to another simple and effortless. Handcrafted with ❤️ in NYC from responsibly sourced materials. Available for instant gratification at: www.alexsoldier.com


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