Celebrating Women

New York, NY—Alex Soldier created a conceptual work of art titled Essence Of A Woman to celebrate women around the world in all of their incredibly versatile nature, character and beauty. This masterpiece is inspired by his muse and partner in art and life for 40 years—Galina Soldier. The statuette represents a silhouette of a woman floating on a pedestal. Her brilliant mind is like a diamond, multifaceted and complex, it shines with infinite intellect, dreams and aspirations. A perfect embodiment of will, power and grace, she's constantly driven and projects her inner light unto the world to make it a better place. Wrapped in silk with her fleeting gait barely touching the ground, she is effortlessly sweeping along to manifest her intentions and empower those around her.

The statuette is made of several intricate components, each individually textured with Alex Soldier’s signature metalwork that creates an illusion of fine fabric and presents an imaginative integration of meaning, design and superb craftsmanship. The top part is removable and can be worn as a pin on a jacket  or a coat, which makes it a wearable art piece of its own merit. 

925 Sterling silver, rhodium plated (platinum family) with cubic zirconia faceted stones and black onyx base. Height 235 mm, 9.25 inches. Handcrafted with love in New York City from responsibly sourced materials. One of a kind. Price available upon request. 


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