Shohreh Aghdashloo shines in Alex Soldier at the Oscars

Shohreh Aghdashloo sparkles in Alex Soldier at 2023 Academy Awards

Los Angeles, CA—Emmy-winning actress Shohreh Aghdashloo made a powerful statement at the Academy Awards, shining in Alex Soldier's White Swan earrings. The Iranian-born actress, who received an Oscar nomination in 2004 for her supporting role in "House of Sand and Fog," turned heads with her custom-made "Woman Life Freedom" gown by Christian Siriano, designed to support Iranian women. Styled by James Caroll, Aghdashloo's ensemble highlighted her advocacy and elegance, perfectly complemented by the stunning diamond earrings.

Alex Soldier Star Cuff

Emmy-winning actress Shohreh Aghdashloo tries on Alex Soldier's Star cuff while getting ready for the 2023 Oscars with stylist and creative director James Caroll. Handcrafted with love in New York City from responsibly sourced materials. 

Alex Soldier White Swan Earrings

The gracefulness and poise of the swan has inspired Alex Soldier to create the Swan collection. It is dedicated to every woman who is in love. The form of the center stone resembles a swan’s head, and the elongated diamond bar is curved into the shape of its neck. These gorgeous Alex Soldier White Swan earrings are made to highlight any occasion. Handcrafted with love in New York City from responsibly sourced materials. One of a kind.

Alex Soldier Star Cuff

Alex Soldier Star Cuff. "Lights, camera, action!" Alex Soldier's Star cuff beams a spotlight on a superstar in You. So shine on like a true Star that you are and light the way for others to see their full potential. This magnificent bracelet is hand textured with Alex Soldier's signature proprietary metalwork that creates an effect of a diamond sparkle. Handcrafted with love in New York City from responsibly sourced materials. One of a kind. 


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