Dressing Up For The Met Gala

 Dressing Up For The Met Gala

New York, NY—As we turn the new calendar page and welcome May into our lives with its fresh color palette of spring's vibrance, we find ourselves in search of new wardrobe inspirations. And what can be a better source of style and creativity than an upcoming Met Gala? Spearheaded by the legendary Anna Wintour and dubbed as "fashion's biggest night out" or the "Super Bowl of fashion" (as eloquently described by the extravagant André Leon Talley), this year's theme reveals the much-talked-about religious connotation. "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" is designed to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as to highlight religion's long standing influence on fashion. The cross is considered to be one of the most prominent manifestations of Christianity and has long been a widely recognized representation of both faith and fashion. Being worn by the devout and the secular alike, it is a symbol that projects the power that you give it in your own life.

Alex Soldier's Cross collection is a tribute to faith, love and beauty. The design of the cross resembles a fragment of a church or an old icon from a long bygone era. The forms move as if buoyed by the waves of the turquoise sea that cradle the pearls in its depths. The entire composition consists of several components nestled together to form the Master's staple technique of multi-layering. Each cross is decorated with natural stones—symbols of earth, water and air, serving to harmonize energies of the body and the spirit. A red garnet is placed at the center as a symbol of love and compassion. The pearls complete the composition and represent purification of the soul. Handmade in New York City. Written by Maria Soldier.

 Dressing Up For The Met Gala

Alex Soldier Grand Cross Pendant Necklace: white quartz infused with 24 karat yellow gold suspended on 18 karat yellow gold chain. Handmade in NYC. One of a kind. $9,900. Available for instant gratification at www.alexsoldier.com


 Dressing Up For The Met Gala

Alex Soldier Mother Of Pearl Cross: ruby and pearls set in 925 sterling silver infused (deeply plated) with 24 karat yellow gold. Handmade in NYC. $1,170. Limited Edition. Available for instant gratification at: www.alexosldier.com.


 Dressing Up For The Met Gala

Alex Soldier Byzantine Pearl Cross: garnet, chrome diopside, citrine and blue topaz set in 925 sterling silver infused (deeply plated) with 24 karat yellow gold and black rhodium (platinum). Handmade in NYC. $1,390. Limited Edition. Available for instant gratification at: www.alexsoldier.com.

Top image photo credits: 

Photographer: Dolores Ruiz Diaz 

Assistant Photographer: Orlett P. McCall

Model: Genet Ogeto, State Management New York

Hair & Makeup: T. Cooper representing ECRU New York

Assistant Hair & Makeup: Stephanie Paulino

Special thanks to Kareem A. Irby and AFM International

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absolutely gorgeous!

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This one is so cool! It can match many clothes!

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Such gorgeous pieces, perfect for the Gala’s theme. All so unique!

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Wow gorgeous !

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Love the intricacy of these! Beautiful!

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What a beautiful way to “cross” faith and fashion!

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An innovative and stunning take on traditional pieces!

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Alex Soldier’s masterpieces are always on trend !

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The most amazing and unique jewelry I have ever seen!!!!! Absolutely the best! Highly recommend to everyone!

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I like your style! Tnx.

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Super! Tnx. Guys.

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Amazing jewels of our century.
Love it very much !

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Love it very much !

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Great designer for great city

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Love ❤️ every single creation by Alex Soldier !!!!

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Love it!

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