Maria Soldier Talks About Her Dad's First Creation

Maria Soldier Talks About Her Dad's First Creation

New York, NY–In the first episode of our new storytelling video series, Maria Soldier talks about her father's first sculpture that he made when he was only 14 years old. This incredibly detailed creation illustrates Alex Soldier's remarkable talent that began to shine at a very early age. Inspired by television documentary about the land of the Incas, young Alex decided to create his own version of the Tribal Warrior with a fun twist to the story: “I took apart my mom’s costume jewelry and set it into my wooden creation” Alex recollects. “My mom was very proud of it until she noticed that the shape and the color of the center stone looked too familiar… She got over it eventually.” Watch the full story below along with another cool video about Alex Soldier's current restoration of his Tribal Warrior sculpture.


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