Onyx Moneta Necklace In 14 Karat Yellow Gold

Onyx Moneta Necklace In 14 Karat Yellow Gold

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As if thrown for good luck, the coins washed ashore from the depths of the deep blue sea, polished by the waves and time. Joined together into a long necklace and hand textured with Alex Soldier's signature metalwork that creates an effect of a diamond inlay, these beauties form a perfect fit for any season with a feel of lightness and fresh breeze. Handmade in NYC. One of a kind. Necklace length: 28 inches, 71 centimiters. Onyx: 2 stones, total carat weight: 14 ct. Please note that carat weights may slightly vary as each Alex Soldier creation is handmade. Metal type: 14 karat yellow gold