UJA- Federation of New York

UJA Federation of New York


UJA is the world's largest local philanthropy that brings people and nonprofits together to solve today’s most pressing problems and address the issues that matter most by changing the lives of 4.5 million people a year. Founded in 1917, the UJA raises money it then donates to nonprofits, primarily assisting communities around the world, as well as New Yorkers of all backgrounds. The organization is also greatly involved in disaster relief worldwide. In its fiscal year ended June 30, the UJA raised $249.3 million. Part of the funds went toward helping to coordinate 29 planes and one cargo ship containing approximately 100,000 pounds of humanitarian aid to Houston, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean after the hurricanes. By driving together key influencers and listening to the many voices that make up our community, UJA delivers funds to areas that will see the greatest impact. When emergency or disaster strike—they move quickly and effectively to get resources on the ground and bring urgent relief. UJA invests targeted grants for specific projects, looking at how to mobilize the community locally and globally to enhance their work in areas like poverty, employment, the elderly, health and well-being. UJA provides core operating support and oversight to more than 75 core partners, and offers guidance and funding to many other nonprofits, large and small.