French Heritage Society

French Heritage Society


French Heritage Society is an American non-profit organization created in 1982 that includes 11 chapters in the US and one in France. It is dedicated to dedicated to preservation, restoration and promotion of the beautiful French heritage throughout the United States and France through various activities and educational programs. 

The central mission of French Heritage Society is to ensure that the treasures of shared French architectural and cultural heritage survive to inspire future generations to build, dream, and create by:

Preserving the rich French architectural and cultural heritage throughout France and in the US by raising funds for restoration, preservation and cultural grants.

Transmitting and safeguarding the skills, knowledge and love of the heritage through transatlantic educational programs for students, architects, artisans, art connoisseurs and collectors.

Fostering Franco-American friendship and cross-cultural exchange through select tours in France and the US, lectures, conferences, galas and other events on both side of the Atlantic.