Princess Grace Award

The Princess Grace Award is a prize awarded annually to an iconic celebrity for his/her philanthropic endeavors in supporting the arts. The past winners included Bernadette Peters, Tim Daly, James Cameron, Queen Latifah, Robert RedfordDick Van DykeCicely TysonJulie AndrewsDenzel WashingtonMandy Patinkin, and Lynn Wyatt

During Her lifetime, Princess Grace of Monaco sought to recognize and celebrate artistic innovation. Likewise, the Princess Grace Foundation-USA honors art at the vanguard of excellence. In that spirit of innovation, the PGF-USA commissioned Alex Soldier to create Princess Grace Awards.

For the Awards, Soldier designed a stunning new work of art incorporating symbols representing all three disciplines that were close to Princess Grace’s heart and lauded by the Foundation: theater, dance, and film. It is composed of connected symbols denoting these three art forms.

The name of the PGF-USA decorates the core of the sculpture; the right wing symbolizes the American flag; the left—a strip of film with the PGF-USA crown and the year when the award is made. The film ribbon transforms into a cascade of stars to symbolize Hollywood actors whose images are cherished to this day. The mask in the center of the composition is the symbol of theater with its comic and tragic parts. The pedestal, on which the statue rests, is composed of the steps taken by each award winner to achieve recognition.

The Award includes precious metals, primarily platinum-plated silver with black obsidian and Swarovski crystal accents. The metalwork displays a special texturing technique that is signature to Soldier’s style. Height: 300 mm, 11.8 inches. Handcrafted with love in New York City from responsibly sourced materials. 

Princess Grace Award